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The 5 best aftermarket headlights by brand

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At every point in a cars life, they could use a new headlight assembly. Here’s a list of the best aftermarket headlights. Or, perhaps you just want to take a step up from the factory headlights. If so, this list of the best aftermarket headlights is for you.

What are the best aftermarket headlights?

There are plenty of different headlight assembly brands out there, however it can be good to find ones that are similar to the OEM headlights. Because of this, the best aftermarket headlights brand is Replace XL.

Best overall: Replace XL

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Available in various light types
Wide range of models
Wide range of prices

There are many different make and model years in aftermarket headlights that are available from ReplaceXL. While they don’t have a parent site, there many third party sellers that amen these headlights available to the public

ReplaceXL provides many different headlight types, ranging from halogen headlights to LED headlights. Their different aftermarket headlight assemblies come with all the parts necessary to replace it. Bulbs are included with the purchase.

ReplaceXL also has different light types from all around a vehicle, like fog lights, blinker lights, and more. They are a great choice and are ranked the best aftermarket headlight assembly manufacturers.

Best value: Replacement

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Sells headlight assemblies as a package deal
Variety of options
Not just a headlight assembly seller

Replacement is a fantastic value, especially since they offer lights in a package deal. All bulbs are included with each purchase. This brand is compatible with LED lights, halogen bulbs, and xenon headlights. 

Their headlight assembly is meant to look like an OEM headlight assembly, making these a low-profile and inconspicuous option, as well as easy to install aftermarket headlights.

Similar to ReplaceXL, Replacement includes everything to get the job done. Even though these look like stock headlights, they are are an upgrade, especially if they’re being put into a car that hasn’t had the headlight assembly replaced. Because of this, they are on the list for the best aftermarket headlights.

Best budget: Anzo

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Different styles
bulbs included
Different light types

Anzo headlights are a great option if you are looking for something a different headlight assembly than the OEM headlight assembly. To make it even better, they are the cheapest headlight assembly on this list. They can be bought in sets and come with the headlight housing and headlight assembly.

Like the other headlight brands on this list, this aftermarket headlight assembly are compatible with halogen bulbs, LED bulbs and xenon bulbs. This combined with their different looks (projector headlights or crystal headlights) puts them on the list for the best aftermarket headlights.


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Modern design
3 layer design
Wide price range

With Yitamotor headlights, your car will can have a sleek, modern appeal . The lights are also equip with parking and turn wheel steering. They have free shipping on all their headlight assemblies. While they do mainly cater to the truck fan base {particularly Chevy, Dodge, Ford and GMC), there are other high quality aftermarket headlights available.

Opting for these modern headlights will be an improvement over the stock headlights and give your truck (or car) a new look. The light output is great on these, making them a great option for aftermarket headlight shoppers.

Spyder Auto

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Bolt on design
OE and ISO certified
Different headlight types

Spyder Auto headlights have a lot to offer, despite their limited compatibility. They offer projector headlights, crystal headlights and fog lights. These lights are also fairly affordable, matching a lot of what other brands have to offer.

With the light bulbs themselves, they offer halogen bulbs (both high beam and low beam bulbs), as well as LED bulbs (high beam and low beam bulbs). This will vary depending on which series you choose: signature series, platinum series and apex series.

Spyder Auto’s bolt-on aftermarket headlight assembly allows people to customize their vehicles with their affordable and unique looks. This also makes them a direct OEM replacement contender and easy to install.

What to look for in aftermarket headlight assembly brands

As with any sort of shopping, researching what brands will fit your vehicle is extremely crucial to ensure that you don’t have to return anything. LED headlights are more efficient than halogen bulbs, which is why automakers are shifting away from halogen headlights and to LED bulbs.

Aftermarket headlights have gotten cheaper and cheaper over the years, making them more accessible to people who couldn’t afford them in the past.

One important step to the search for new headlights is checking the aftermarket headlights legal status. An easy way to avoid this problem is to ensure that they are OE and ISO certified, meaning you won’t run into issues with the law.

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