Flashing Check Engine Light: Is it safe?

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Every car is equip with a check engine light to help the driver know if something is wrong with the car. Most of the time, the check engine light turns on and doesn’t blink, which could indicate a variety of things–from a loose gas cap to bad spark plugs to a catalytic converter issue. However, there […]

2023 Lexus RCF: A V8 Sports Car Swan Song

2023 Lexus RC F

Lexus is responsible for making rather luxurious cars at a more attainable price point. This, combined with their decent reliability and ease-of-maintenance make them desirable and retain value. Within their lineup, they have several performance vehicles, like the Lexus LC/LC500/LC500h and LFA (their supercar). Many of their vehicles have some sort of performance package available […]

How to get sap off car easily (2023)

a woman cleaning a car

Taking care of a car is an important of maintaining its value and condition. One of the things that can harm your car’s paint job is tree sap. Therefore, it is important to remove tree sap as soon as possible to protect the affected area. Removing sap is similar to bird droppings, but removing sap […]

Why does my car smell like gas?

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Sometimes, when you get into your car and turn it on, it can smell like gas fumes. There are several reasons as to why this can be the case, such as fuel leaks, a loose gas cap, an exhaust leak, and more. What are gas fumes? Gas fumes refer to the gases that are emitted […]

The 7 best cars with red interior (2023)

black coupes

Car interiors come in many different colors, with the primary ones being black, gray and a brown/beige. These are considered “safe” options and will match any exterior color and there’s nothing wrong with that. One of the more difficult colors for a car to pull off is red interior. However, despite that difficulty, there are several […]

Best Honda Civic models of the 21st Century

a black honda civic car

A list of the Honda Civic generations from the past 20 years, including the answer to the age old question: What is the best Honda Civic? The Honda Civic, Honda’s compact car line up, has been around since the late 70s. Since then, there have been 11 generations of the Civic, ranging from regular Civics […]

The 2023 Toyota Supra MKV: Return of the manual transmission

photo of supra parked in front of building

When Toyota announced the Toyota Supra MKV in early 2019, it was met with a mixed response from fans and critics alike. In a collaboration between Toyota and BMW, the roadster looked reminiscent of the previous generation Supras with its style and design, but with the interior of a BMW.  This car also had less […]