Battery Reconditioning: Is it worth it?

open hood of a car

Car batteries are essential to starting up a car. If you keep running into poor battery life with a dead battery, then there is probably an issue with it. However, instead of buying a new car battery, you may be able to put it through a battery reconditioning process to save it.¬†Internal combustion engine vehicles […]

Why is the car shaking when I brake?

close up photo of ferrari rim

If your car is shaking while braking, it’s likely due to warped brake rotors. Warped brakes are a common problem that many drivers face at some point. The good news is that they’re usually easy to fix. In this blog post, we’ll explain what brake rotors are, what causes them to warp, and how you can […]

Best microfiber car cloths (2023)

a woman cleaning a car

Car detailing is an important part of keeping up regular maintenance and ensuring that your vehicle is in tip top shape. This involves cleaning your car regularly to prevent rust from forming. One “tool” in every persons tool belt should be a set of microfiber car cloths. Microfiber towels are a fantastic way to dry […]

The 5 best car battery brands

open hood of a car

Choosing the best car battery brand when replacing an old one is crucial, especially with all the different car battery brands and battery manufacturers that are out there. Whether it’s an affordable car or a luxury car, there is a battery that will best suit its needs. What are the best car battery brands? Once […]

Best tires for Honda Civic

car tire closeup photo

Tires are a very important part of a car and will vary depending on their purpose. Here is a list of the best tires for Honda Civic.

The 5 best aftermarket headlights by brand

white mercedes benz cars

Best Overall: Replace XL Best Value: Replacement Best Budget: Anzo At every point in a cars life, they could use a new headlight assembly. Here’s a list of the best aftermarket headlights. Or, perhaps you just want to take a step up from the factory headlights. If so, this list of the best aftermarket headlights […]

The 5 best cameras for car photography

unrecognizable female photographer taking photos and reflecting in rear window

Picking a camera to be stressful. Here’s a list of the several of the best cameras for car photography. Best budget: Sony Alpha a6000 This camera offers a lot to photographers on a budget. The mirrorless design and OLED viewfinder offer a lot at this price point. Best overall: Fujifilm X-S10 This is a fantastic […]