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Best tires for Honda Civic

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Tires are a very important element of a car. They are the piece of the puzzle that keeps connected to the road on tight corners and dry and wet surfaces. With that, there are several different tire types that vary depending on the conditions of the environment. To go hand in hand with our previous article on the best Honda Civic generations, here is a list of the best tires for Honda Civic by environment types.

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Best all season tire:
Michelin CrossClimate 2

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Best winter tire:
Bridgestone Blizzak

Courtesy of: Tirerack

Best summer tire:
Michelin Pilot Sport

What are the best tires for Honda Civic?

It all depends on the environment. The best all season tires for Honda Civic are the Michelin CrossClimate2 tires. However, there are also tires that increase fuel efficiency, aid in wet conditions and provide stronger wet performance, tires that provide better ride comfort and many more.

Best all season tires: Michelin CrossClimate 2

Michelin has always been producing high quality tires, and these are no exception. The Michelin CrossClimate 2 all season tires are great tire for your Honda Civic that are premium grand touring tires, and the best grand touring tires on this list. Their outstanding lateral grip allows for sticky traction and excellent steering response.

These tires give strong performance in various weather conditions, as well as having good ride comfort and good ride quality with little road noise. These are compatible with the 18 inch rims of the Honda Civic Sport, Grand Touring and SI models.

While these tires can certainly handle some level of track use, you should still get designated performance tires as the CrossClimate 2’s do have issues when they get too hot.

Best winter tires: Bridgestone Blizzak

The Bridgestone blizzard winter tires are some of the best snow tires on the market, especially for snow traction. This is the best winter tire for maintaining a level of performance thanks to its aggressive tread pattern that provides excellent traction.

These tires are particularly best for the Honda Civic because they allow you to keep playing with your Civic–particularly your Si or even Type R–in the winter time. While there is no warranty, the Blizzak’s have indicators for tread depth on the tires. All these reasons combined makes them a clear option for being one of the best tires for Honda Civic.

Best summer tires: Michelin Pilot Sport

The Michelin Pilot Sport tires are a high performance tire meant to give excellent traction in the ideal tracking environments. They have excellent braking performance, ensuring that driver is kept safe.

These are not good enough to be winter tires, but that’s because they are only meant to be summer tires for clear roads. This is because summer tires have a different tread pattern than what is needed for decent winter and ice traction. However, these are very high quality tires and will still do decently in dry and wet conditions.

Best tires for wet conditions: Bridgestone Potenza

The Bridgestone Potenza tires are another all season tire, but are also high performance. These tire have excellent wet traction in rainy environments, making them safe for practically any condition.

The tire compound is also high quality, making this a long last tire. For the Honda Civic and tires for Honda Civic, these tires are a one-stop-shop option as it pertains to finding a good touring tire, performance tire and winter tire.

Best budget tires: Yokohama Avid Touring S

For what you get, the Yokohama Avid Touring S tires are good for the price. While they aren’t high performance tires by any stretch of the word, they will get the job done for your Honda Civic. 

They also have great traction on dry and wet surfaces. They will be okay for light snow conditions, but aren’t perfect. However, their cheap price point makes up for that pitfall.The treadwear warranty on this tires is very good for the price at 65k miles.

Why choosing the right Honda Civic tires is important

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Every person buying new tires should consider there road conditions and purpose for the tires. Most people should just get all season tires and all weather tires, as they are the most versatile. Especially with an all season tire, getting a set that hold up well on wet pavement and wet roads is crucial.

However, if someone is planning on taking their Civic to regular track days, then they should consider getting a high performance tire that can withstand the heat from the track.

These five tire types are some of the best tires of Honda Civic and should be thoroughly considered when shopping for your next set of new tires.

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