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The 5 best car battery brands

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Choosing the best car battery brand when replacing an old one is crucial, especially with all the different car battery brands and battery manufacturers that are out there. Whether it’s an affordable car or a luxury car, there is a battery that will best suit its needs.

What are the best car battery brands?

Once you’ve tested your car batteries charge with a battery charger and determined it’s time for a new battery, you’re faced with a plethora of options. On top of the battery game right now is Optima.

Optima has been producing some of the best car batteries with their three different battery brands, separated by different colors: blue, red and yellow. Generally, all Optima batteries tend to last longer (up to three times longer than the typical service life, if you get the yellow top battery). They are also more resistant to leakage, as well as having a high vibration resistance.

The yellow top battery is Optima’s high performance absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery, with a high cranking power and long battery life cycle. The yellow top also features a deep cycle battery and optimal charging power. Optima uses their own spiral cell technology that gives them such a high battery life and vibration resistance.

A deep cycling battery is especially important in an EV, given the constant power draw. This high performance battery is great for vehicles with many modern features, like power sliding doors, memory seats, multiple screens, etc. 

The lower-powered (and cheaper) red top battery is a better fit for stock cars and RVs that are less feature heavy. Given the Optima battery quality and performance, as well as spill proof design, they are one of the best car battery brands, if not the best battery on the market.

DieHard has a wide range of batteries, going beyond cars and into watercraft and lawnmowers as well are heavy duty batteries for tractors. They offer a DieHard red, DieHard silver, DieHard gold, DieHard platinum and platinum AGM, and a DieHard EV. 

All of their batteries from the gold level up have a minimum three year warranty. The red, silver and gold models are a lead acid battery, while the others–the platinum AGM battery and the EV battery–are a different type of battery (AGM).

If you drive a modern car with a multitude of features, it is best to go with the platinum battery and up. However, if the vehicle is older and less feature-driven, the any of the red through gold will suffice (although, you may want to stick with the gold level to be safe).

DieHard batteries are very common, with a local auto parts store having a high likelihood of carrying them.

Similar to DieHard, Duracell has several different batteries in their line up–the Duracell Starter, Advanced, Extreme EFB, Extreme AGM, and Extreme AGM Backup. 

One of the more unique batteries offered by Duracell is the Extreme AGM Backup. That’s because it has a reserve capacity for when the battery dies. This saves a jump, and therefore time. All batteries from the Extreme EFB down are lead acid batteries. The different types of car will determine the best suited battery for it. 

The Extreme EFB battery is meant for environmentally friendly cars and has an auto start stop feature built into it.

The warranty on Duracell car batteries span from 2-5 years and if something goes wrong, they will give you a free replacement. These are also maintenance free and are spill proof.


Courtesy of: ACDelco

ACDelco offers two different levels of batteries: Silver and Gold. Silver is their “Advantage” level and Gold is the “professional” level. The Gold models are longer lasting, with a range of 24-42 months. They are sealed lead acid batteries, capable of powering a lot of accessories that conventional batteries may not be able to power. 

These do have a replacement warranty that comes with them. The Gold level are highly rated for cold cranking amps, meaning it is easier to start a vehicle in cold weather/cold climates. The company offers AGM batteries within the Gold level if it is needed.

ACDelco tests their batteries extensively and the battery terminals are corrosion-free. 

NAPA has some of the cheapest batteries on the market, making it the best car battery for the price. Starting at just $130, they will just drop in your car and get the job done. They offer a free replacement if something goes wrong within their 18 month warranty window. Like any other lead acid battery on this list, these batteries are valve regulated. The performance of these models are also very good.

This company is a great brand–and by extension, battery brand–at an affordable price that provides your car with everything it will need.

What makes for best car battery brands?

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Having a strong warranty program that includes a free replacement is important, as well as having a long lasting battery. It is important to make sure you know what your cars battery needs are (high performance, modern features, etc.).

Finding a battery doesn’t have to be difficult, it just requires a bit of research and making sure that the technology in it is what your vehicle needs. Any of the batteries on this list are suitable to be the best car battery brands, especially in their given class.

The difference between car batteries

There are two main car battery types: lead acid batteries and AGM batteries. Batteries with lead acid have been around for years. These conventional batteries are valve regulated and are the tried and true choice for a car battery. An absorbent glass mat (AGM) battery is a newer battery technology that is much more efficient. 

Some batteries will feature a reserve capacity that will keep your car running in the event that your battery dies. It is good for a battery to have a good level of vibration resistance to make sure the ties don’t come loose form the battery terminals. Most batteries are maintenance free.

Lithium ion batteries are different than these two and aren’t typical in a gas vehicle, but are frequently found in EV’s and hybrids.

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