Flashing Check Engine Light: Is it safe?

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Every car is equip with a check engine light to help the driver know if something is wrong with the car. Most of the time, the check engine light turns on and doesn’t blink, which could indicate a variety of things–from a loose gas cap to bad spark plugs to a catalytic converter issue. However, there […]

Battery Reconditioning: Is it worth it?

open hood of a car

Car batteries are essential to starting up a car. If you keep running into poor battery life with a dead battery, then there is probably an issue with it. However, instead of buying a new car battery, you may be able to put it through a battery reconditioning process to save it.¬†Internal combustion engine vehicles […]

2023 Lexus RCF: A V8 Sports Car Swan Song

2023 Lexus RC F

Lexus is responsible for making rather luxurious cars at a more attainable price point. This, combined with their decent reliability and ease-of-maintenance make them desirable and retain value. Within their lineup, they have several performance vehicles, like the Lexus LC/LC500/LC500h and LFA (their supercar). Many of their vehicles have some sort of performance package available […]

How to get sap off car easily (2023)

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Taking care of a car is an important of maintaining its value and condition. One of the things that can harm your car’s paint job is tree sap. Therefore, it is important to remove tree sap as soon as possible to protect the affected area. Removing sap is similar to bird droppings, but removing sap […]

Why does my car smell like gas?

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Sometimes, when you get into your car and turn it on, it can smell like gas fumes. There are several reasons as to why this can be the case, such as fuel leaks, a loose gas cap, an exhaust leak, and more. What are gas fumes? Gas fumes refer to the gases that are emitted […]

Why is the car shaking when I brake?

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If your car is shaking while braking, it’s likely due to warped brake rotors. Warped brakes are a common problem that many drivers face at some point. The good news is that they’re usually easy to fix. In this blog post, we’ll explain what brake rotors are, what causes them to warp, and how you can […]

Why is car insurance so expensive? (2022)

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On average, Americans pay $1630 per year on car insurance, or $135 dollars per month. When a person purchases a new vehicle, car insurance is a thing that every driver must have. With that, there are plenty of auto insurance companies out there providing this service, with many different insurance rates and types. However, the question always […]

Best commuter car (2023)

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In a world where driving everywhere is an important part of functioning in a society, having a commuter vehicle that can complete that job is absolutely instrumental. There are several things that create the best commuter car experience, ranging from apple CarPlay and android auto to basic “necessities” like cruise control and everyday safety features. […]

Best Vans for Van Life

surfboard in a van

In recent times, one unexpected trend has taken the world by storm (or at least the United States): van life. Van life is when you convert a van into a living space–think a tiny home on wheels.¬†Of course, new van lifers need to start in the same place. They need to choose a van for […]

Best microfiber car cloths (2023)

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Car detailing is an important part of keeping up regular maintenance and ensuring that your vehicle is in tip top shape. This involves cleaning your car regularly to prevent rust from forming. One “tool” in every persons tool belt should be a set of microfiber car cloths. Microfiber towels are a fantastic way to dry […]